Recent Commissions

2016 - Emergence at Dublin City University

Emergence Sculpture - Thumbnail

"Emergence" (2016) at Dublin City University

This piece was sculpted from part of a Copper Beech tree which was felled beside the office of the president of the college. The transformation from natural wood near the base to figure reaching upwards mirrors the transformative power of education.

Sculpture Size: Emergence is 3.75 meters (12.3 feet) high.

2015 - Esplanade at Paul Taylor American Dance Company of New York City

Esplanade Sculpture

"Esplanade" (2015) at Paul Taylor American Dance Company NYC

Commissioned by Amir and Lisa Arbisser of Fort Lee, NJ and presented to the Paul Taylor American Dance Company of New York City. The piece represents an iconic moment in one of Paul Taylor's most famous dance creations of the same name. The wood used is Silver Maple which was felled on the Arbisser's farm in upstate NY.

Sculpture Size: Esplanade is 2.9 meters (9.51 feet) wide and 2 meters (6.56 feet) high.

2015 - Pen and Inkpot at New Ross Library, County Wexford, Ireland

Sculptor with Pen and Inkpot

"Pen and Inkpot" (2015) at New Ross Library, County Wexford, Ireland

This piece was commissioned by Wexford County Council as the gnomen (pointer) of Ireland's largest sundial, which is situated in the Mary Reynolds designed children's storytelling park beside New Ross library.

Sculpture Size: Pen is 3.16 meters (10.37 feet) long, Inkpot is 1 meter (3.28 feet) in diameter.

Aerial View of New Ross Sundial

Aerial View of Sundial with Pen and Inkpot on the left.

2014 - Fleur Bresler commission at Rockville, Maryland, USA

Fleur Sculpture with Admirer

Fleur Bresler commission with Admirer.

Commissioned by Fleur Bresler, who has built one of the greatest private collections of wood art in the world. Representing Fleur as a collector, the piece is made from Irish Oak Burl from the McMorrough-Kavanagh estate in Borris, Co Carlow, Ireland. The figure is holding a container made from Spalted Beech and Ebony.

Sculpture Size: Fleur Bresler commission is 1.67 meters (5 foot 6 inches) high.

2010 - Sursum Corda (Latin: "Lift Up Your Hearts") at County Carlow, Ireland

Sursum Corda Sculpture with Sculptor and others

Sursum Corda commission with Sculptor and Owners.

Commissioned by a client in County Carlow from a trunk of Bog Oak which was uncovered during building excavations. The hearts are of gold-patinated bronze. (See photograph below for details).

Sursum Corda Sculpture details

Sursum Corda Bog Oak showing Bronze details.

Sculpture Size: Sursum Corda is 4 meters (13.12 feet) high.

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